Featured Floor: Dao Click Strand Bamboo


Our bamboo flooring is one of the BEST bamboo floors on the market today! They’re produced from older reeds (at least 4 years old) to increase the hardness of the floor. With a floor like Dao Click Strand, you get a naturally beautiful floor that’s also ecologically friendly!

Morning Star Dao Clic Strand

Strand bamboo like this is twice as hard as oak, the industry standard. It’s perfect for busy homes. REAL, eco-friendly bamboo that’s easily clicked together to install…and to top it all off a 30 year warranty!

“Even though it is a dark wood, it does not darken the rooms. We used it in an open concept (entire downstairs) and it looks so much bigger with one floor! It is beautiful. More beautiful than I expected. Easy to clean. You do notice small debris dropped, dust not so much.” – JR, Pennsylvania

“This floor was very easy to install. Used the Eco Silent Sound HD underlayment. That was very easy to use also. I bought this floor because of the beautiful look, but also the durability. I needed something that was going to hold up well. I have a dog and a couple of grandchildren. I took a sample of this floor before I bought it and beat it with a hammer as hard as I could. I could barely even make a noticeable dent. Other hardwoods I could tear up with a hammer. I was sold.” – Jim, Arkansas

“This bamboo product is an excellent choice for bedrooms and closets. Beautiful wood and hard enough to withstand heavy traffic and dogs.” – Sande, Texas

“This floor is absolutely beautiful! We had over 400 sf installed in the main living and dining area of our condo and we love it. Our small dog has not been able to scratch it and my high heels have not made one dent in this floor. I would highly recommend for high traffic areas, just be prepared to sweep this every day if it bothers you to see dust on the floor.” – Keliza22, North Carolina

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