Featured Floor: Fall Harvest Bamboo


When it comes to flooring options, many homeowners love bamboo. One obvious reason is that with its distinctive characteristics and rich colorations, bamboo packs a big style punch. But this on-trend floor option has other benefits too: It’s eco-friendly, easy to clean, and extremely durable. One style that exemplifies all these advantages is our Fall Harvest Bamboo. It’s unique, beautiful, and designed to stand up to even the busiest households. Read on to see why it’s our Featured Floor of the week!

It’s breathtakingly beautiful …

All bamboo floors are eye-catching – but our Fall Harvest Bamboo is truly something special! Inspired by the invigorating colors autumn brings each year, its hue is a rich blend of browns and reds. The surface projects timeless elegance and imbues a sense of luxury that’s ideal for virtually any decor.

It’s built to last …

Do you need a floor that stands up to heavy use? By its nature, strand bamboo is extremely sturdy – twice as hard as oak! – because it’s made by compressing shredded fibers. And for increased hardness, strand bamboo styles like our Fall Harvest Bamboo are crafted from old-growth bamboo reeds. To top it off, the floor is finished with premium coating and backed by a 30-year warranty.

It’s an eco-friendly choice …

As we mentioned, bamboo floors can be even harder than wood – but bamboo is actually a grass! Because bamboo grows extremely quickly, it can be harvested frequently with minimal ecological impact. Our bamboo floors, including our Fall Harvest bamboo, are a favorite among environmentally conscious homeowners for this very reason!

Our customers love it …

beforeafter-419 (2)

Faye Pedersen of Pittsburgh, PA, replaced her living room carpet with our Morning Star Fall Harvest bamboo. The change completely elevates the room’s elegance! With its vivid reddish-brown hue, the bamboo floor anchors the room and complements the chocolate brown scheme. “Definitely an upgrade,” Faye wrote. “Looks beautiful …” We agree, Faye; great job!

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