Featured Floor: Morning Star Morning Dove


Bamboo is a grass rather than a tree, meaning its roots continually grow underground and replenish themselves naturally. New growth can mature up to 24” in 24 hours!

Morning Dove Engineered Bamboo from Morning Star features a two-pass staining process that creates the elegant shading of light gray and earthen undertones. This floor offers a modern, yet neutral, backdrop for any décor with its wide planks, soft beige highlights, and cross-hatched texture – it’s a beautiful blend of rustic and romantic design.

Here’s what our customers say about Morning Dove:

“We installed this in our master bedroom and walk-in closet, and we love it. We’re coming back to buy more to install in our upstairs. The flooring was installed 7 months ago, and it still looks the same as the day it was installed. With heavy use, there are no scratches or nicks at all. This product is tough as nails.” – A customer from Fort Worth, TX.

“Excellent quality product – we love it! Very well made, precise engineered flooring. Looks great with any color scheme. Did not encounter any flaws on any plank, fits snugly together, and each piece has its own character.” – Howard, OK

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