Featured Floor: Silver Stone Bamboo


Step outside the box and dive into the world of bamboo – an environmentally friendly, beautifully distressed, and extremely durable flooring solution. Our Distressed Silver Stone Engineered bamboo flooring is an amazing modern product that combines the best of two worlds: It’s made from a very eco-friendly process and rivals other types of flooring when it comes to durability and versatility. On top of that, our flooring offers bold and unique looks that will leave your friends and family speechless. Not only will you do wonders to the planet by choosing to use bamboo, but you’ll be giving your home a much-needed and appreciated upgrade. Read on to see why it’s our Featured Floor of the week.

It’s a naturally renewing resource …

If you’re looking to shrink your ecological footprint, our Distressed Silver Stone bamboo is the perfection option. Unlike wood, which can take years to harvest, our bamboo is a grass that grows far more quickly than a tree. The plant’s extensive root system continually grows underground and replenishes itself naturally; this makes our product a renewable resource. As people become more aware of the fragile state of the environment, bamboo has quickly risen in popularity. In this case, peer pressure may just be good for the Earth.

It’s durable …

During construction, individual bamboo stalks are cut into strips and compressed together with heat and strong adhesives. After that, they’re cut into boards and become the planks you see today. All bamboo products are strand or ultra-strand, which means they’re twice as hard as oak, so you can be sure you’re getting extremely durable flooring. Our flooring is also incredibly versatile, meaning it’s perfect for any style of home or space. Our engineered bamboo flooring is an optimal choice for basements.

It’s easy to install …

Our Distressed Silver Stone bamboo is designed to be a float, glue, or click installation, so whether you do itself or hire a pro to install your new bamboo flooring, you can be rest assured the result will be a stunning new floor in your home. However, if you’re not comfortable installing the floor yourself, feel free to reach out to our flooring specialists, who’ll take the hard work out of the process. Last but not least, our bamboo flooring is backed by a 50-year warranty, so if something should ever happen, Lumber Liquidators has you covered.

Our customers love it …


Fatima Medeiros of Spring Hill, FL, hasn’t been afraid to tell friends and family how much she loves her new living space ever since she installed our Distressed Silver Stone bamboo flooring in her dining room. Our bamboo – paired with Fatima’s newly white baseboards and gray walls – adds not only character and beauty but dimension to the space. It’s distressed appearance and noticeable etchings also mimic the natural beauty of our world and lend harmony to the dining room. The best part is that it’s an ecologically friendly choice, so Fatima can rest assured: She’s doing something good for her home and the environment.  “I love my new floor, and I was very excited to see my new results,” Fatima wrote. “I was surprised at how easy it was to install and yet the product is very strong and durable.”

Thanks for sharing, Fatima; we love how it turned out! For more inspirational transformations like Fatima’s, check out our Before & After site!

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