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Your floor can take a beating over the holidays. Whether it’s visiting family, holiday parties or winter weather, we have easy solutions for some of your biggest problems and advice from our installation professionals!

For Scratches and Gouges

Scratches can happen on all wood flooring. Luckily, our installation pros have a few ideas for getting rid of physical damage. First, repairs should be made immediately to fend off potential water damage. Second, always make sure the repair products you use are compatible with clear waterbase urethane finishes. For hardwood or bamboo:

Is it a surface scratch? Try a scratch cover, spray concealer or lotion to camouflage the scratch (but not remove it). There are also color satin markers which have a satin and urethane mixture, giving the repair a shine.

Is it a deep scratch? Wax color-fill sticks might work, which you can find at home repair stores. Just rub into the scratch and buff with a cotton rag. To see instructions for a light sanding and recoating, and for more detailed directions on scratch repairs check here.

Lumber Liquidators offer repair products that can help you, too:
Engineered Flooring Repair Kit
Solid & Bamboo Flooring Repair Kit
Engineered Repair Adhesive 


For Squeaky Floors


Squeaks are a result of board movement, whether wood-to-wood or wood-to-nail. If the cause is environmental, humidity can bring about noise. Humidity over 55%, for example, can cause boards to expand and rub. Always try to keep indoor humidity before and after installation between 30-50% with temperatures between 60 and 80. Another easy solution is to sprinkle baby powder in squeaky areas, as Bob tells us in the video above. Silica talc in the baby powder will work as a dry lubricant to lessen minor squeaks.

To learn more about squeaks and humidity, check here


Removing Marker

If you have laminate flooring, you’re in luck! Here’s one easy way to remove marker from your floor.


We hope some of these flooring fixes will help keep your floors safe and beautiful over the holidays! If you know of some others, share in the comments with your fellow floor fans!


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  1. Hi Wayne, most likely the floor is picking up moisture due to extra summer humidity in the basement, which causes it to expand. You might try a dehumidifier during the summer months to control the climate and keep the floor at a more constant humidity level. Hope this helps!

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