Floor Medallions: Something Unexpected and Beautiful


You can make a statement in your home with a beautiful piece of art on your walls, a classic piece of furniture, or unique accessories.  You can also make that statement with your flooring.  Our in-house installer, Bob, went to an NWFA Advanced Installation School to learn about custom medallion and border inlays that included brass, aluminum, and granite.  Take a look at some of the pictures, it’s really great work!

Glueing and Inserting Walnut Into Installed Floor

Busy gluing and inserting Walnut into a Heart Pine floor.

Bob Ready to Sand and Coat Floor

Bob is ready to start sanding and finishing their project!

Finished Product of Medallion

The finished work.

Hickory Floor with Medallion, Aluminium, and Granite

Detail of a Hickory floor with a medallion, aluminum, and granite.

Hickory Flooring With Medallion, Aluminium, and Granite

Same medallion, bigger picture.

Maple floor with Brass Finished Medallion

A maple floor with an intricate rhombus design with a border and brass finished medallion.

Finished Maple Floor Medallion

The finished product, it really does make a statement, doesn’t it!

Hickory Floor with Floral Medallion, Border and Brass

A hickory floor with a floral medallion, boarder, and brass.

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions, make sure you ask Bob all about it!


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