Flooring Trends From Social: Pinterest’s Favorite Rooms


Homeowners take on the remodeling process for themselves and their families. After all, it feels great to transform the space we spend the most time in. But when we upgrade our homes, we love to show them off, too: A little validation from visitors is always appreciated!

That pleasure multiplies on Pinterest, the ideal platform for sharing home makeovers. On social, thousands of users can like and repin their interior decorating favorites, saving and sharing the stuff that speaks to them. When it comes to trends, Pinterest activity is a prime indication of what’s turning heads right now.

That’s why we sat down and studied Pinterest data of the 250 home photos that users have repinned most. Using Repinned.net’s archive of the most repinned photos in the “home decor” category, we recorded information about each image. Looking at the aggregate, we saw strong patterns of preference. See our results in the graphic below:

A few things struck us in the course of our research. First, we were surprised by the types of rooms that take top pinning honors. Bedrooms, arguably the most private room in any house, accounted for 40% of all photos in the top 250. While we can only speculate as to the cause of this phenomenon, we suspect that user interest has a lot to do with how little we see bedrooms other than our own. Maybe we appreciate Pinterest inspiration most for the rooms we don’t often visit in person.

We were proud to see wood was the dominant choice for flooring type among Pinterest’s favorite rooms. To specify, we grouped any wood product, including bamboo, hardwood and laminate in that general category, because they were indistinguishable in many of these photos. Carpet finished a distant second – while it may be common, its presence in these favorite rooms was tellingly small.

We also counted wall and furniture color varieties as they appeared in these images. White or cream wound up on top in both categories for Pinterest users, demonstrating that even the technically inclined have a taste for classic design. Given the presence of so much wood flooring, we weren’t surprised: White decor and wood make for an excellent balance of class and character. Blue walls were the most adventurous variety to capture a significant portion of these photos, coming in at 14%. Wonder what your home might look like with a blue paint job? Use our Floor Finder app to find out!

Pinterest isn’t the only spot for remodeling admirers. Our Before and After site is full of submissions from satisfied customers. Head over there to see the latest upgrades completed using our floors. We often post our favorites from that page on our Pinterest and Instagram accounts, so check us out there as well. Happy pinning!


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