For More Than The Floor: Creative Hardwood Uses


When we mention hardwood, the word “floors” almost always follows closely. But our products present a range of possibilities beyond their time-honored place underfoot. In 2015, the creative placement of wood has turned into a full-blown trend, with our hardwood and laminate grabbing the eye-level spotlight more than ever before. Check out how our customers have transformed their homes by putting their walls and ceilings in play:

The Hardwood Headboard

hardwood headboard

Georgia’s Pat Belean inserted the rustic warmth of Virginia Mill Works Tobacco Road Acacia Handscraped into his home’s coziest enclave: the master bedroom. As a backdrop for rest and relaxation, this headboard design can’t be beat.

A Bamboo Ceiling


In a bright-walled roomed, a ceiling of the same shade can create an overwhelming effect, much like being stuck in colorful cube. But that doesn’t mean white is your only overhead option. Using Morning Star Horizontal Carbonized Bamboo, customer Ken Hackett of Florida complemented the character of his orange walls, while introducing variety and texture above them.

Wood On The Walls


Golden Teak Acacia Handscraped Hardwood offers the essential synthesis of character and subtlety: Its dark and light tones are always sophisticated, but never staid. Here, New York’s Rebecca Bonhomme chose it as an accent on the wall of her family room, picking up her furniture’s classy color scheme.

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