Get Inspired: 2020 home design trends you can incorporate into your style

Spring has sprung and so have some fun new trends you can bring into your home this season. We’re highlighting some of our top inspirations to incorporate into your style, starting with Biophilic design.

Biophilic design
This time of year combines people’s passions for naturally occurring aesthetics and nature, often brought to life through indoor gardens, small trees or “living walls.” These design statements allow plants and other aspects of nature to become a visual focus in any home.

Biophilic design is also inspired by natural materials like wood and stone, earth tones and natural colors, and organic shapes. These elements are showcased throughout the home, including wooden architectural beams, stone-based accent pieces and naturally colored accent walls.

Our wall decor options include shiplap, decorative panels or flooring planks and can make a statement in any room as well as provide a unique way to create intrigue from floor to ceiling.

Speaking of floors, try Berkshire Bellawood Artisan Hardwood Flooring to complement light and green color palettes or get the authentic look and feel with Palisade Oak Engineered Hardwood.

The celebration of natural materials will instantly transport you to the outdoors. Whether you’re updating your floor or bringing natural style to your walls, we have a variety of options to bring natural style into your home. Explore all of the options with our Picture It! Floor Visualizer.

Let your own personality and design sensibility shine through when decorating your living spaces, using Biophilic design as your guide. Be sure to follow us on our social pages for even more inspiration and share your spring home projects with us using the hashtag: #LLHomeProjects