Your bathroom oasis should look as good as you feel (and vice versa)

AquaSeal Brown Owl Oak Laminate Flooring

With work and home getting more and more intertwined, it’s becoming more difficult to find an escape from life’s constant demands. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a space in your home to retreat to for much-needed time to yourself.

The bathroom — the primary place for self-care — is often the best room in the house to turn into a relaxing oasis, ensuring you have a way to shut out stress and focus on soothing rituals instead. Here are five simple ways to turn your bathroom into your sanctuary.

Calm the Mind with Soothing Interiors Create a calming space through the use of neutral colors and a rustic, yet refined take on materials, like wood shelving and accents. Draw inspiration from spas and resorts to help find a moment of respite in self-care. Start from the floor up with AquaSeal Seaside Oak Laminate flooring which will easily create relaxed, calming energy from the moment you step foot in the room.

Focus on Fragrance Scent plays a key role in helping to reassure and relax us. Infuse favorite fragrances in your bath ritual and build a narrative around them – from scented candles and essential oils to soaps and body lotions.

Bring the Outside In Tap into the comfort of nature by including natural materials like stone — big and small — into your space. Look for opportunities to celebrate nature’s beautiful imperfections through accent pieces and flooring, like AquaSeal Natural Hickory Engineered Hardwood flooring. This water-resistant floor is ideal because it can handle the high traffic and moisture typically associated with bathrooms. Pair it with plants that thrive on humidity, printed accessories, and wall art to let nature wash away life’s stresses.

Create Joy Inject a dose of happiness into your space by playing with rich hues and densely patterned surfaces. New sets of coordinated bath linens and shower curtains are a great way to add bright, joyful colors and patterns. Consider other ways to inspire happiness with paint and geometric designs for a fun way to mix things up, like with AquaSeal 3-in-1 Bamboo flooring, which comes in a variety of colors and offers 3 different installation patterns.

Find Your Mantra Words and slogans help inspire and convey a sense of comfort, boost the mood and draw a smile. Be sure to display your words of wisdom and motivation to encourage positivity. Add an artistic interpretation of a favorite quote or even a single, calming word.

Using these trends and tips, your bathroom can become a true oasis, a place where you can take a step back from life’s hectic moments, recharge, and focus on yourself.

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