Your home should be a retreat, an escape from the busyness of everyday life. Now, more than ever, homeowners are seeking more ways to create natural, calming spaces indoors. “Homeowners are looking to connect with nature indoors just as much as they do outdoors,” says Katie Allen, director of design, trend and product management at LL Flooring. “This is done by including natural and sustainable elements in the home.”

Organic materials like wood flooring easily connect your home to the natural world. “Floors that embrace the natural look and grain of wood, along with all of its beautiful imperfections, are going to give homeowners a more natural experience,” Allen says. Getting rid of clutter and creating a minimalist style can also help your home feel more connected to nature. Clean lines and few unnecessary things make spaces feel brighter and more open. Bringing in more natural light with uncovered windows helps add an airy feeling. Consider pale-toned flooring that reflects light. “Combinations of wide-plank, matte-finish and stained white oak all contribute to enhancing light in spaces,” Allen says.

Bellawood Artisan Geneva White Oak

Choosing warm, natural colors like muted browns, sable and taupe add warmth and depth to any room. These earthy tones are reminiscent of wooded glades, riverside lawns, and the beauty of natural scenery. Adding visual connection to nature like picture windows and doors overlooking your yard brings even more natural elements into your home. Then consider overall your use of wood as a central factor in your decor, both indoors and out. As Allen says: “Hardwood itself is an outdoor material. Using hardwood is only going to enhance the earthy connection, especially when paired with earth-toned decor and accessories.”

To read more of the 5 best ways to connect your home with nature, head over to Houzz for the full article.


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