Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s important to treat it like one. For many of us, it’s been weeks of working from home and being in rooms that may have been neglected in the bustle of everyday life. With all the extra time in the house, you may have realized your style doesn’t reflect who you are anymore.

To help you take your home back and make it a personal oasis, we’ve put together a few simple ways to create a comfort space that fits your needs now.

1. Embrace minimalism and declutter
Take this one room at a time. Go through junk drawers and closets and get rid of any loose items that can’t seem to find a clear organization method. This also includes any open shelving that may have become cluttered or outdated over the years. Build a minimalist space starting from your floor. We love the clean lines and light white wash of Amsterdam White Oak from Bellawood.

2. Out with the old
Make small tweaks to a room, whether that be getting rid of old furniture you no longer need or want, rearranging some book shelves, swapping out family photos and removing items that don’t speak to your style any more.

3. Add comfort everywhere
Adding a comfort item to every room that can help you relax is a great way to create calm in the chaos – whether that be a throw blanket, candle or plant.

4. Let the light in
A lack of light can directly affect your mood. Be sure to maximize natural light in every room by adding mirrors and layering lighting to create the ultimate cozy setting. Light, pale toned flooring like Great Plains Oak can help brighten your space and reflect sunlight.

5. Spring cleaning
A clean space will help clear the mind and since you’re spending more time at home, now is a great time to give the house a full wipe down, including your floors. This is a great time to fix and polish any knicks or blemishes. LL Flooring has a full collection of floor cleaning materials available for you, from floor care maintenance kits to conditioning oil.

Making your home your sanctuary is our goal at LL Flooring and we believe that starts from the floor up. For those looking for everything from inspiration to installation tips, follow us on our social pages and learn more on our blog.


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