Get Inspired: How opposites attract

Being stuck inside can make you feel a little stir crazy but being creative can help channel those feelings into a productive project to completely transform your home.  We’re sharing some of our top inspirations to incorporate into your style, including ideas on how to create contrast.

Mix and Match
There is currently a rise in unusual juxtapositions of color being matched by contrasting textures and materials in the interior design realm. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the interplay of materials such as marbles against woods, plus geometric patterns created by tiles used for accent walls or as a backsplash. For example, try our 2020 Floor of the Year Bristol Tavern Hickory paired with our Tapestry Oak Laminate

as an accent wall. The muted brown tones and natural grains of Bristol Tavern coupled with the antique and artistic finish of Tapestry Oak will create a bold and high-end look for any room.

For a mix of modern coastal vibes, try Bellawood Manhattan Chevron and Vineyard Sound.

The cool and clean lines of the Vineyard Sound mixed with the modern Manhattan Chevron design will definitely make a splash. For a more classic mix of a monochromatic color scheme, our Roman Marble and Petrified Cherry

both feature a variety of textures and will complement bright pops of color. See for yourself using our Picture It! Floor Visualizer tool.

These elements pair especially well with fiber art (such as handcrafted rugs, throw pillows, blankets and wall hangings), or rattan and cane furniture, offering visual interest in terms of texture, color and pattern.

Let your own personality and design sensibility shine through when decorating your living spaces, using contrast as motivation. Be sure to follow us on our social pages for even more inspiration and share your spring home projects with us using the hashtag: #LLHomeProjects