How To Get Rid of Winter Residue on Your Hardwood Floor


This winter has been cold.  And snowy.  And around here, a bit icy also.  With all of that bad weather, there comes ways to make it a little more tolerable like snow shovels, plows, and ice melt.

As useful as ice melt is outside, it can cause a little havoc on the inside of our homes, especially if you have hardwood floors.  After scouring the internet, I’ve found that many people don’t know how to get rid of the milky residue that ice melt leaves on their floors.  And since I have a whole bunch of expertise sitting around me, I decided to ask our Tech & Install team what they would do to get rid of the residue that snow, ice, and ice melt leave on the floor.

Their best advice is to buff the area in a circular motion with warm water on a lightly damp cloth.  Buff the area with the damp cloth and then buff again with a dry cloth.  This may take several tries, but it should remove the milky residue.

If the first method doesn’t do the tricky, you can try adding one cup of white vinegar diluted in one gallon of warm water.  Again, use a lightly damp cloth and buff the area in a circular motion and buff dry immediately.  Always test this method in a small spot first.

Once the milky residue is off, you should protect the floor with mats inside and outside the main entrance to prevent any ice melt from getting on the floor again. 


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