Gorgeous variation! Brightens up the room

Mayflower Engineered 
3/8″ x 3-1/8″, 5″, 6-1/4″ Hampshire Bay Brazilian Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

We ordered this flooring after researching different options. We were looking into vinyl plank and laminate also but my husband likes real wood floors. I came across this engineered hardwood (basically hardwood on top) and it was on sale. I saw the sample in store and we decided to get a box to put a few pieces down in our space. It was hard to tell based on a few pieces but we went with it anyway. The color and look have beyond exceeded my expectations. We had a professional do the glue down installation method and it came out wonderful and feels good to walk on. Highly recommend if you don’t want to go to grey, but want to add warmth and a little grey tone to a space. My small townhome looks larger now because we put this flooring in and continued it through the kitchen and downstairs bath. -Ashley, CA


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