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We are very thankful to have so many amazing fans on our Facebook page with lots of active followers.  We know you are passionate about your homes and we are passionate about them looking their best.  Thank you for your participation and sharing your flooring pictures and your experiences.  In order to get the best information to you and to answer all those tricky installation questions, we do have some basic guidelines for posting on the Lumber Liquidators fan page.  If you’ve ever had a post deleted or removed, this may explain why.

The goal of the Lumber Liquidators Facebook page is to provide customers, would-be customers, and DIYers with information regarding products, sales, limited time deals, contests, and giveaways as well as answer basic questions. We want to hear from our fans so you can be the first to learn about upcoming sales, new products, and more. 

 1)      Keep content relevant to Lumber Liquidators, flooring, and installation

 2)      Keep the language clean – We do encourage comments, discussions, questions, and pictures, however, any comments containing inappropriate language or profanity will be removed.

 3)      Do not advertise your business – In order to answer as many questions as possible, we ask that you keep the content related to flooring and installation comments and questions. Some of you own flooring installation companies and we love to see pictures of jobs you have done (with the approval of the homeowner, of course) but if you’re posting, keep it along the lines of “Check out this awesome Brazilian cherry dining room we did”? and not “Check out Joe’s Installation in Cincinnati, OH.  We’ll give you the best deal in town.”? Another example would be “Doesn’t our new studio floor look amazing?”? rather than “Come relax at MiMi’s Yoga Studio on 5th & Broad”?.

 4)      Be patient while waiting for a response – Please understand, to keep prices low for you, we do not have someone available to monitor our page 24 hours a day.  We do our best to respond in a timely manner, but especially weekends and holidays, it may take us a little extra time to get back to you.  We really do appreciate your patience because this helps us keep costs down.

 5)      Contact your local store for inventory of a specific product – Each store has different inventory.  If you have a question regarding whether or not a store has a certain product, we ask that you contact our Sales Team at 1-800-HARDWOOD.  We are not equipped to find stock and by the time we get to your question, quantities may have changed.

 6)      Contact our Customer Care and Tech & Install departments with any issues you may have – The Lumber Liquidators Facebook team are not experts in installation or solving product issues and we leave those issues to our specialists.  While we can answer basic questions regarding your floor, our Customer Care and Tech & Install teams are best equipped to help you with any issues that may arise.  Each installation has its own peculiarities of the site, product, and installation method.   We understand that it can be frustrating to not get a resolution immediately, but we ask that you give our Customer Care team time to follow the processes that are in place to evaluate an issue. 

Customer Care does their best to respond to emails within 24 hours and are available on the phones at 1-800-366-4204 Monday-Friday 8 am – 9 pm EST, Saturday 9 am – 7 pm EST, and Sunday 11 am – 7 pm EST. If you have already contacted Customer Care, please e-mail to escalate your issue. 

We do want to help you, along with everyone who has questions about a new floor for their home.  With that said, once we pass information along to Customer Care, they are responsible for working with you.  At times, inspection of the flooring or material may be required and this process does take time.  We appreciate your patience during this while we’re trying to do the most thorough job of determining the cause of an issue.  If comments continue or if they become malicious or non-constructive, we do reserve the right to remove them. Our Facebook page is meant to be used as a way for people to get information about flooring, it is not set up for handling complaints.  As a last resort, if comments do not cease, we will block those who are not utilizing the Lumber Liquidators Facebook page in a way that is constructive.   For more information, please read below.

We’re so glad to have so many active and happy fans and hope that our little slice of Facebook continues to grow.  We do our best to provide you with the best floor for your needs at the best price.


LLI has over 250 stores in 46 states and Canada in addition to offering flooring through catalog, telephone and internet sales.  With sales in excess of $620 million in 2010 we serviced over 400,000 customers in 2010 and almost 350,000 in 2009. 

Unlike other retailers, rather than refer customers to the manufacturer, LLI administers the manufacturer’s warranty.  In addition to responding to customer calls, emails and inquiries regarding order status, catalog requests, freight damage, service issues, etc., the Customer Care department investigates and reviews warranty challenges.  Since flooring is installed in our customers’ homes, the installed product cannot be brought back to the store for exchange.  Investigating and reviewing a warranty concerns takes time and may include sending sample boards and photographs to Customer Care as well as inspection by an independent inspector.  Accordingly, it may take time to determine the issue, the source of the issue and how to resolve the issue.  While LLI does warrant against manufacturing defects, often there are issues which are not manufacturing related stemming from installation errors and/or improper site conditions, both of which are not under LLI’s control.  Similarly, a new car buyer would not expect the car dealer to replace a car that was damaged because the buyer drove it on a beach or used the wrong oil causing damage.

LLI strives for superior customer satisfaction, however, we also remained focused on keeping  prices as low as possible.  Increasing prices in order to pay customers to stop disparaging LLI on the internet when LLI is not to blame for the damage to their floor would be a disservice to the 400,000 customers who properly install and maintain their floors.  



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    WE LOVE OUR NEW FLOOR WE FINISHED THE TRIM YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. I would love to send you guys a picture of it!!!.

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  3. How can I purchase a gift certificate? I went to local store and was told you don’t sell gift certificates. Can you help, I wanted to give this for Christmas. Thank you.

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