Handscraped Flooring: A Treat for Your Feet!


Not only do our handscraped floors provide a natural worn appearance, a rustic feel, and a reminder of the days of handcrafting…they feel good, too! You can have the hand-detailed appeal from Colonial American homes combined with the comfortable and unique feel of handscraped floors and Lumber Liquidators prices! What could be better? Not only do we offer handscraped hardwood, we have bamboo and laminate with a handscraped surface, too!

See for yourself! Hear Michelle from Fresno, CA talk about her beautiful handscraped bamboo floors:

Still not convinced?

See what customers are saying about their handscraped floors:

Knob Hill Birch

“My husband and I installed this floor in about 2 days. It was even more beautiful than we thought it would be. This may sound odd but I have had more than one person comment on how comfortable it is under your bare feet…We LOVE the floor and would recommend it to anyone for a bedroom.”

Virginia mill works knob hill birch handscraped

Matterhorn Birch Handscraped

“We had this installed and it turned out great. I love the feel of the texture on my feet. This flooring really brightens up a small condo like ours.”

“My contractor installed this flooring, and I could not be happier. Bright, light, beautiful grain and finish. I’m considering taking up the brand new carpeting in the four bedrooms and installing this…which would make it an entire house worth.  Really stunning. Everyone who sees it raves. The hand-planed finish feels wonderful underfoot. An A+!”

“We have professionals installing our floors and they are very pleased with the product. I love the varying grains and the feel of the floor under my feet. It is beautiful.”

“The handscraped finish might not be for everyone but I love the feel of the floor with bare feet. It looks great in my post and beam style home. I have a lot of wood in the home and this blended beautifully. 🙂 Lacking in designing skills, I scored big on this one!!”

Castle Park Oak Easy Click

“We had this floor installed in our livingroom/dining room. I chose the butcherblocked Castle Park for a variety of reasons. The handscraped surface is smooth and fun to walk across and seemingly easier on my bad knees. It feels cozier and warmer in this large space than I’d imagine a flat floor would be. Because of the organic look, the subtle variations in the subfloor are less noticeable.”

Virginia mill works castle park oak easy click

Tobacco Road Acacia Handscraped

“Everyone who sees the floor absolutely loves it. It is a pleasure to walk on as it feels great under bare feet.”

Handscraped Strand Anji Bamboo

“I love the feel and look of these floors. The hand scraped texture is great when walking on these floors barefoot. I also like the fact that scrapes are easy to cover up. It is a very hard type of wood and the scratches are very minimal with our 3 dogs.”

Golden Teak Laminate

“The final product came out great. I love the feel of it when you walk on it. It feels like hardwood! No clicking hollow sound, no moving, floating boards. This stuff is thick enough, and padded enough, that it just feels solid.”

“It looks great. My husband said that he never saw two identical pieces. It feels nice when you walk on it. It’s quiet since it’s a 10 mm + 2 mm pad.”

Dream home kensington manor golden teak laminate

Easy on the eyes and the FEET! Ready to pick up your handscraped floor yet?



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