Hardwood Installation Tips


Upgrading your home with hardwood? Here are some tips and tricks you should know before installing hardwood, whether you’re DIYing it or having our Install+ team or other contractor install it for you:

  • A prefinished floor’s finish is actually harder and more durable than floors that come unfinished and are finished at the job-site. Prefinished floors are finished in dust-free, ideal factory conditions with 5-8 coats!


  • Flooring can’t be delivered and installed the same day – make sure you plan your flooring delivery/pick-up in advance. Solid wood flooring should acclimate in your home for at least 3-5 days before installation. Check our installation guides for your specific product.


  • Don’t store your floors in your garage once you get them! Store them in the room(s) they are going to be installed in. Uncontrolled humidity or moisture vapors can penetrate into the wood flooring when stored in a garage, causing it to swell or cup.


  • If you want wood floors in your basement, or you live in a place with high humidity, try engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwoods are more stable, and they resist expansion and contraction.


  • Make sure to test the moisture levels of your subfloor before installation. Excess moisture can lead to problems with your floor.


  • Inspect your boards before installing. Wood is natural, so there may be pinholes, mineral streaks, or knots, depending on the grade. If you don’t like the look of a specific board, set it aside or tell your installer not to install it. Once the board is installed, it is considered to have been accepted by the installer and homeowner.

Check out our Flooring 101 page for more tips!


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