Holiday Hacks for Guest Room Readiness


If you’re lucky enough to have a guest visiting for the holidays there’s likely a little concern mixed with the anticipation of getting together. Hosting can be stressful at the best of times – but in 2020 we can all expect a new set of holiday hoops to jump through to make any guest, and ourselves, feel comfortable.

So if you do have family or friends headed your way, how do you keep things simple, seasonal and stress-free? Read our holiday hacks to get any guest room ready.

Find A Space, Make a Space
First up – where will your guest(s) stay? No guest wants to sleep on the bottom bunk, basking in the glow from your kid’s aquarium, so if possible, avoid rearranging family members’ usual spaces. We don’t all have a guest room, of course, but if you have a storage room or a home office, those can be quickly converted without much effort. A corner of the family room or finished basement can even be “zoned off” with bookshelves or a partition to create a multi-use space as a stand-in for guest accommodations.

Start by decluttering the space. Move out everything you can, especially if it’s a home office, and only put back in what you can repurpose for your guest space. Once “empty” don’t forget to thoroughly vacuum, mop and polish your hardwood floors. Even when cleaned regularly, home offices can gather dust bunnies quickly.

For sleeping arrangements, invest in high thread count cotton sheets and a cozy comforter or fuzzy throw. If you have a pull-out sofa, make sure the bed is already made and ready for your guests, since the room’s appearance can make all the difference.

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Put the final touches on the room by lighting an aromatherapy candle, hanging a family photo on the wall, setting aside towels and, weather permitting, opening the windows for some fresh air before your guest arrives.

Comfort has a Double Meaning
This year, comfort is just as much about peace of mind as a good night’s rest. So before your guest arrives put some simple things into place to put them at ease. Pick up the shared spaces so things don’t feel cluttered and let in as much natural light as possible to help lighten the overall mood. Thoroughly clean and disinfect shared bathrooms and have cleaning wipes and sanitizer on hand and in sight for easy use.

The New Welcome Basket
A welcome basket on the end of your guest’s bed can make a big impact the moment they arrive. It says, “we’re glad you are here and thank you for celebrating with us.” And it doesn’t have to be a basket. Line a box with festive tissue, use a paper gift bag – and think about the practical (and a few luxury) items that will make your guest’s visit the best. Scented soap and soothing bath salts to help them relax after their travels, as well as a pair of cozy socks and their favorite magazine are all quick and meaningful options.

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The holidays are stressful enough, even without family and friends coming to town. So remember creating the perfect guest space is all about a little thoughtfulness – peace of mind, small touches and a little décor flair.


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