How to Install Williamsburg Butcher Block


Looking for something unique for your kitchen and more affordable than granite? Have you considered butcher blocks?  Lumber Liquidators carries two types of butcher blocks, Maple and American Cherry.  It can give a great country or homey feel to a kitchen.

Butcher Block
Here are steps from our Tech & Install team helping you with your Butcher Block Installation.

1.) Measure the depth of your cabinet, adding desired about of overhang.

2.) Cut Butcher Block panel to size

    – Cut Butcher Block panel to the width you want if desired width is less than 25 inches

    – Cut Butcher Block panel to the length you wan if desired length is less than purchased length

3.) Ease front edge of counter top

    – Select router bit for desired profile

    – Sand edge smooth

4.) Prepare cabinets to accept Butcher Block panel.

    – For open-top cabinets, install blocking across cabinet width, approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch from        top of cabinet

        – Pre-drill pilot holes through blocking and fasten to cabinet with wood screws

    – For solid-top cabinets, install furring strips across cabinet length

        – Bond strips to cabinet with construction adhesive/sealant

5.) Drill holes (1/4 to 1/2 inch diameter) through either blocking installed on open-top cabinets or top of solid-top cabinets.

6.) Apply bead of construction adhesive/sealant to either blocking or furring strips

7.) Position counter top on cabinet.

8.) Drill smaller diameter pilot hole into underside of counter top through larger holes previously drilled in blocking or top of cabinet.

    – Use caution not to drill through top of counter top

9.) Secure counter top to cabinet

    – Fit a wood screw with washer that is wider in diameter than holes in blocking or top of cabinet

    – Insert screw through hole and fasten to underside of counter top until cabinet fits snugly against        top of cabinet (Select screw length that will not penetrate counter top face)

10.) Finish your countertop as desired.

    – Treat with food-grade mineral oil for use as working food preparation surface.

    – Finish with other product approved for intended use.




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  1. Wow! The quality of your craftsmanship and lumber are amazing. It looks like something you would see in a Food Network show! Thanks for showing me how to install one of these beautiful additions to my kitchen. We didn’t even have to use that many wood screws, the power of wood glue and clamps prevailed this time. I cant wait to get started on another one for my brother’s house. I am going to tell him to order the lumber from your website. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!

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