How to Measure for Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork and Laminate Flooring


Recently, many people have asked how to properly measure their home for flooring. I talked to Bob, our in-house installer, for his expert advice on how to measure for flooring. I’m hoping that you find this useful in determining how many square feet you will need. Remember, if you ever have any further questions, you can always check our Flooring 101 section or contact Bob and his team.

Sample Bed room – measures 13’8″x 15’2″

how to measure flooring

The basics

When measuring for square footage, the simplest method is to measure a room’s length x width (L x W). Use a tape measure to measure from wall to wall or baseboard to baseboard, ignoring built-in cabinetry. Using this bedroom as an example, if the room measures 13’8″


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