If These Walls Could Talk: Ways to Give Your Walls a Voice


When it comes to getting the most out of the walls in your home, it’s always worth aiming for the ceiling.

“Walls offer the space for you to tell your stories, express yourself and encourage conversations,” says Katie Allen, LL Flooring’s director of trend and design. “Family photos, gallery walls and other elements add intrigue to your space and an instant sense of depth and texture.”

Walls also help to establish or add to the color palette of a room, and importantly, make rooms feel finished. Here are a few things to think about to help your walls have a voice.

Small Walls, Big Statements
No two walls are alike, and each wall in the home presents its own challenges and opportunities. Take, for instance, small or narrow walls — which can be easy to ignore but can also provide fantastic creative opportunities. First, think of scale and shape. From there, put together a gallery of pieces that bring in diverse shapes of frames. Another option is to think in themes: for example, on small kitchen walls, choose art pieces that show food you love. Of course, these walls can also be used for bold accent walls that bring in bright and unexpected colors.

Fab Fabric
A quick and stylish solution for creating walls that work comes down to finding colors you love, that fit your personality, and work with other hues in the home or a space. Painting a beautiful color on a wall — whether it’s bold or subtle — is important to give a room a polished presentation. Wallpaper is another option, and there are styles for everyone from heritage designs and murals, to graphic looks with geometric designs.

But, don’t discount fabric as another possibility. Fabric can add softness, color and pattern, all at once. Create comfort and bring texture and subtle depth to a room with tapestries or fabric wall hangings. Fabric can be an inexpensive way to add flourish.

Bellawood Artisan – Hannah Point Distressed Solid Hardwood Flooring

Wow with Wood
One way to bring an amazing look to a wall is to just add flooring or shiplap. The natural beauty of wood and wood looks naturally fit on walls as art — showcasing the grains, waves, and colors. Installing flooring on walls also creates a wonderful focal point that can fill big spaces, and helps to weave in the harmony of nature.
We especially love floors like Manhattan Chevron on the walls, as it brings a modern and appealing pattern to instantly add class and warmth.

Roasted Almond Strand Distressed Click Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Signs of Life
Living walls are a beautiful and stylish way to add real life and nature to your home — but certainly require time, planning and care. There are several ways to construct these walls, plus helpful tips as well as insights on what plants to use. No matter how it’s built, the result can be a conversation starter that offers organic style.

Mayflower – Natural Maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The next time you look at your walls, take a step back and think about the story you want them to tell. Remember there’s a world of options to give your biggest canvasses character. Show us how your walls can talk with #LLStyle.



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