Laminates Under $1


Laminate flooring is easy to install, easy to maintain, and designed to replicate the natural color, grain, and texture of real hardwood. In addition to being remarkably realistic, laminate flooring is exceptionally durable – it is resistant to staining, scratches, wear, and fading. From high gloss to distressed surfaces, we offer a wide range of all the latest trends. The technology used to create laminate flooring has improved significantly over the years, greatly enhancing the realistic wood look.

This week, we have 10 laminates under $1/sq ft! With prices like these, it’s the perfect time to get started on that summer renovation you’ve been thinking about. Here are a few of the floors featured in the deal, along with customer photos and reviews:

Dream Home Cinnabar Oak

“This product has a very warm wood tone and looks great with a lot of textural interest. I have a large dog who has not been able to scratch it. Love this. And the LL installers did a great job.” – Customer from IL

“We are putting this flooring in our whole house. We have had it in the main part of our house since July 2015, and it has worn very well. We have about 15 to 20 teens in our house for youth group every Friday, and the flooring has no marks on it at all from the wear and tear, which in my book is a huge plus.” – Kim, AZ

Dream Home Fairfield County Hickory

“We put down 1,000 sq ft of this floor in a flip house. We have not had a lot of experience with laminate flooring, but once we got the first couple of rows down, it went down really fast. The end result is absolutely gorgeous. We will buy it again and again. Everyone who came through the house commented on the beautiful floors!” – Co, OH

“This flooring is by far one of the best laminates we have installed thus far! It already has the padding attached, which is a great bonus, and it looks amazing. We used in all three bedrooms of our home, and once completed, we went back and purchased enough for the hallway and living room as well because it turned out so well. It really brightens up the house and looks amazing with our white molding!” – Megan, MS

Dream Home Heritage Walnut

“Beautiful flooring!! Purchased over 800 square feet, and had it installed in two days. Love the wood variation!” – Customer from PA.

“We installed this flooring in our living room, and we couldn’t be happier with it. I love the look, and the installation took less than two days. We picked up our flooring from our local LL. The staff was courteous and helpful.” – Michelle, MI

Dream Home Pewter Oak

“I installed this product in my kitchen, and I absolutely love it!!! So much easier to clean than the tile we had in there. Love the look!” – Bea, CA

“This floor looks SO nice! It was very affordable and easy to install. It looks like it was expensive! I love that it has a slight texture to it, and I love the grey/brown undertones. Can’t wait to cover the rest of my house with this!” – B., IN

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