4 ways to incorporate wood accents into different rooms of your home

It’s no surprise that we’re passionate about hardwood, but our appreciation for wood extends far beyond flooring. Quite simply, wood is a sustainable, beautiful material that easily fits within home design and helps to blend and connect our interior looks with the outdoors and nature. When used right, wood can complement any décor — from rustic, to industrial, contemporary or glamorous.

Here are a few ways to incorporate wood into your home.

Engrained in the Kitchen
While cabinets and tables are the most common places for wood to shine in the kitchen, there are countless opportunities to add character with wooden pieces. Handcrafted cutting boards and live edge floating shelves are perfect pieces to add a subtle bit of nature to the space. And, for a break from stone or granite countertops, butcher block counters are a cost-effective, functional way to add warmth and make your kitchen an inviting space — plus they are easy on knives and easy to maintain.

Williamsburg Butcher Block Co. – American Cherry Butcher Block

Branching Out in the Living Room
Small, modest wooden accessories, like these wood coasters, can make a big statement in the living room. There are also plenty of interesting, natural-looking wood-made furnishings, from coffee tables to bookshelves, that emphasize a natural aesthetic. And, if you want a bolder look, a chevron-patterned wood accent wall is a creative way to show how wood can serve as art.

Bellawood Artisan – Manhattan Chevron Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Bedroom…and Boards
The bedroom is the perfect place to add wooden pieces that speak to your personality and ensure you’re comfortable in a place you spend so much time. A minimalist mid-century modern mirror and a wooden bench at the end of the bed are perfect pieces to bring in wood stylings, while driftwood or rustic-looking wooden headboards help to frame and add appeal to any bed.

Planting Roots in the Bathroom
A planter made from wood filled with succulents and small plants can freshen up a bathroom and add more calming qualities to a space that’s dedicated to pampering yourself. Also look to reclaimed wood that can serve as stunning vanity pieces, cabinets or installed as backdrops behind mirrors.


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