Throwback Décor with Vintage Vibes

Fads may come and go, but the concept of vintage and retro style is holding steady. It isn’t surprising: vintage looks bring a wonderful design aspect that presents both personality and the unexpected.

Of course, it’s a delicate balance: vintage items that are too old may look it — and feel it. And, going full-on vintage can make things feel cluttered.

So how to balance the art of vintage? Here are a few suggestions to give you inspiration and direction.

Repurpose with a Purpose
At the heart of vintage design is repurposing items in unexpected or unusual ways. Repurposing not only creates a fun design touch, but also adds charm and creates a conversation piece in the space. Antiques can be used to serve as storage, or crafted into a new piece like tables or even mantle pieces. Repurposing and reinventing uses for vintage items can be challenging, but it’s also a great way to have fun with your décor and use your creativity.

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Start Small
One way to curate a vintage style is by keeping it contained. Rather than giving a room a complete vintage treatment, look to blend together pockets of old-style accents. As an example, consider a corner or a portion of a room. It’s not necessary to bring in big furniture — which while beautiful, can be costly to repair or refurbish. Instead, consider items like antique luggage, which can serve atop a side table, or old chests that look great at the end of the bed. When visiting the local flea market or antique-shops, seek out baskets or rustic tins to hold flowers, or try using wooden milk crates as a coffee table to display photo albums or books. Leather-bound, weathered books are another small item that can carry big weight as a design focal point. Of course, use the walls: cool, rustic mirrors or bold black and white photos are excellent choices — and hunt for retro advertisements of food, movies or other products which look great and add character.

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Great Granny Finds
Vintage style can also have a real, authentic purpose when it’s created with items that have meaning. One way to create vintage appeal is visiting your grandparents’ or parents’ homes for ideas that could be dusted off and provide pop for your home. For example old doors can be turned into headboards or table tops, or a family heirloom quilt can be placed over a table, or as wall art to bring texture and warmth. Another inspiration is the wallpaper — nothing calls back to our grandma’s like floral wallpaper, and there are great styles to think about to present a vintage vibe. Importantly, using family heirlooms can bring reminders of people important to us while presenting excellent décor.

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There are countless ways to decorate with vintage. What are some ways you’ve incorporated vintage pieces to your home? Tell us using #LLStyle!


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