Designing with Heart and Hands — The Concept of Mindful Crafting

Let’s finish with the photoshopping and stop trying to find perfection. Instead, let’s toast to a new era of embracing all of the blemishes and applauding the imperfections when it comes to our home’s interiors: the knots, the grains, the hues and the texture.

This celebration of authenticity and the spontaneous side of nature are the pillars of mindful crafting: the idea of finding and implementing design pieces in your home that have history and a story — and even a soul.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the concept of mindful crafting into your home.

Celebrating the Ceremony Behind the Craft
There is no doubt that hand-made items have greater meaning given the time and intimacy that goes into the creation. This artisan idea can resonate by presenting items that tell stories of their creation, plus blending a design purpose. Examples can include your own homemade pottery — no matter how imperfect it is — as well as furniture, art or other elements that could come from antique shops, flea markets or exotic, far-away places. And, while bold furniture is one way to achieve this (check out these tables that are built with renovated railroad tracks), you can also aim smaller and more subtle with artisan-made picture frames or whimsically crafted lampshades.

There are countless artisans who are making amazing things in which there is a ceremony of the craft and a journey of the making of the product. As a result, these items tell their own stories while serving as décor centerpieces in their own way.

Perfecting the Imperfections of Nature
Emphasizing imperfections is becoming more important for homeowners as we lean into naturally occurring designs, which speaks to the heart of mindful crafting.

When this concept is enacted in home décor, rooms and spaces come alive with spontaneity. One way to play with this concept is by uniquely combining nature’s materials: for example, bring together stone and wood, which can be achieved by using regional wood to serve as a fireplace mantel piece. Or, smash together delicate dried flower arrangements in unique flower bricks. Another way to show love to the natural is to bring forward the unexpected raw, burled wood looks — swirling grain patterns — to emphasize the imperfections. This idea is also coming to life in floors like Bellawood Artisan Bristol Tavern Hickory or CoreLuxe XD Smokey Quartz, which bring forth a perfect, not-so-perfect aesthetic.

Bellawood Artisan – Bristol Tavern Hickory Engineered Hardwood Flooring
CoreLuxe XD – Smokey Quartz Engineered Vinyl Plank

When you put the concept of mindful crafting to practice, your home can dance with character, stories and heart. We would love to hear how you decorate by embracing this idea.


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