Morning Star Bamboo: An Eco-Friendly Choice!


Bamboo is a popular flooring option that has minimal environmental impact. It’s highly renewable thanks to its extensive root system which allows it to re-grow spontaneously after mature stalks are harvested. It reaches full maturity after only four to six years!

Why choose Morning Star Bamboo at Lumber Liquidators?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth!

  • It’s more durable than many traditional hardwoods and can actually cost less.
  • Only “old-growth”? stalks are harvested, thereby increasing hardness to last in your home.
  • Bamboo generates more oxygen for the atmosphere than a growth of trees the same size.
  • No pesticides or chemicals are needed; bamboo thrives naturally.

Morning Star cares about the environment as much as Lumber Liquidators!

“We’re at an age where consumers are becoming more concerned about what they put in their bodies, and in their homes. At Lumber Liquidators we’ve recognized this and have strived to make eco-friendly products like bamboo and cork floors readily available to our consumers at a great price.” –Tom Sullivan, founder and chairman of Lumber Liquidators

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Morning Star Bamboo


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