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If you’re looking for great home design, we’re here with some digital help! We’ve totally revamped our Floor Finder app so you can take your remodeling aspirations mobile. Discover attractive hardwood flooring from the comfort of your couch with the newly added features and improved functionality – it’s as easy as downloading from the App Store. Ready to get started transforming your home from your phone? Here’s how our app can help you do just that:

Explore for Inspiration:


 We know the home improvement process can sometimes be a hard one to get going. When something looks good, you know it, but starting from scratch can be, well, pretty much a non-starter. Our Explore feature is as pretty as a pinboard and full of inspiring styles. Scroll in any direction until your eye catches something you like. Tap on it, and you’re well on your way to your next design!

Select Your Style With Color Match:


Remodeling inspiration can strike at any time, and with our app’s Color Match function, you’ll be ready when it does. See a floor or furnishing you admire? Snap a picture in the moment, and the Color Match tool will generate a list of our products that reflect the same color palette. Better yet, our split-screen tool lets you compare suggested products with a color of your choosing.

Tap the camera icon to add an image as a simulated swatch. Want to make sure that hardwood will look good with the red you plan to paint your walls with? We let you see both side by side to help you decide.

Remodel With Room Designer:

horizontal room designer

No one should take the remodeling plunge on a whim. With the Room Designer, you’ll be able to select from dozens of sample rooms with the ability to change a range of options, including room type, wall color, and flooring material. Use this tool to know what looks best before you invest.​ Plus, it’s just plain fun to play designer for a while. Ever seen a kitchen with blue walls? Now you can!

Tap the “Room” button to get started, and pick an exciting style. Now, it’s time to get creative. Choose a “Wall Color” (no roller brush needed) and finish the look with a complementary floor design. Once you’re done, you can save the image to your “My Rooms” gallery or share it with a friend for feedback.

Lay Virtual Floors With Visualizer:

horizontal visualizer

If you’re ready to move beyond your dream room and back within the walls of your next project, use the Visualizer to set the scene. Think of it as a computerized construction site – and yes, that means minus the mess. The Visualizer feature gives you the freedom to try out flooring without even moving your furniture.

Simply snap an image of your room, and use the position tool to find the right fit. You can easily adjust the direction and perspective of the virtual flooring by tweaking the “Tilt” and “Rotation” settings. Tap on the “Refine” button to “Brush” (or erase) away the parts of the image that feature furniture. Once you’ve cleared your space, tap on “Floor” to superimpose new flooring. The “Find Your Floor” option will let you choose from various flooring styles.

Browse Brilliant Before and Afters:

brag horizontal

When families take their houses from carpet catastrophes to hardwood havens, they deserve a place to brag. That’s exactly what our remodeling page is: an archive of testimonials and before-and-after pictures from our satisfied customers. We can’t get enough of these remodeling victories, so we’ve made it easier than ever to upload photos of your own.

Looking for some reassurance before tackling your next big project? Browse the success stories to find out just how our products have helped homeowners upgrade.

Styling and Shopping Made Easy:

storefinder horizontal

Of course, the improved Floor Finder app isn’t without a few old favorites. Once you’re done designing, use the Calculator to plug in your room’s square footage, and learn just how much you’ll save when you shop with Lumber Liquidators; the app offers the same direct access to Daily Deals and online shopping via Samples. You’re just a few taps away from bringing your vision to life. If you want to take your browsing from virtual admiration to in-store interaction, use our Store Locator function to find your nearest LL showroom.

Explore all of our Floor Finder’s features and discover new ways to enhance your home.​ You deserve the best in flooring, and we’re all about helping you get there! Want a cinematic look at all our app can do? Check out the video below:


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