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For most people, dogs are more than pets; they’re family. That’s why when it comes to our furry friends, it’s important to make the best decisions. Be friendly to your best friend! Here are some interesting facts for pet owners everywhere from Pet Wellness (by MediaPlanet).

Hardwood flooring is pet friendly & Lumber Liquidators is too! When you select hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators, you’re choosing the ideal floor for you and your dog. Hardwood does not harbor fleas, mites and other pests that can harm your dog, cleaning hardwood is a breeze, and dogs love the cool feel of hardwood flooring.

No wood flooring brand or finish is truly "scratch proof," but in a blind Taber Testing by an independent laboratory our Bellawood came out on top with an extraordinary Taber Rating of over 2000! Taber Testing measures the abrasion resistance of protective floor finishes. In this test, flooring squares are secured to a turntable and weighted with sandpaper. The turntable is rotated, causing the sandpaper to wear against the finish. Each full revultion is counted as a Taber cycle. The number of rotations it takes the sandpaper to get through the finish becomes the ISP Taber Rating for that finish!

pet wellness

There are around 5 million dogs in the United States without a home. “Select a pet for the wrong reason” such as feeling sorry for them or thinking they are cute results in about 10 percent of dogs being returned.”

There are nearly 70 million pet dogs and more than 74 million pet cats in the U.S. Many of them are healthy because of regular visits to the veterinarian, but many don’t go as often as they should. Conditions such as dental disease, heartworms, obesity and ear infections are preventable, but are rising in dogs and cats. Regular visits to the vet can enhance an animal’s health and helps prevent medical conditions.

“In 2012 alone we spent more than $53 billion on our pets. If the dollars were viewed as a single economy it would be the 54th largest country in the world.” Wow!

From lowering blood pressure to helping children with autism, recent studies show pets make us happier and are good for our health!

Rachel Ray talks about giving back:

“I think it is so important that people support their local shelters and help provide needy animals with a home. There are so many different types of adoptable animals, and we’ve seen firsthand through our partnership with the ASPCA and other organizations how suddenly these animals can bring joy to your life. Your local shelter should definitely be your first stop if you’re thinking about bringing an animal into your family. If you are not looking to bring a pet into your home, there are other ways to help, especially through volunteering. Check with your local shelter to find ways to donate your time to help meet their needs.”

Find “How Cute is Cute?” in Pet Wellness to send in a picture of your pet and you could win $50 to spend on Martha Stewart Pets Summer Apparel!


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