How To Prepare Your Home for Fall


Are you ready for the leaves to change and the air to cool? Is your HOUSE? Fall starts September 22! To prepare yourself and your home, check out this list Houzz Contributor Laura Gaskill put together:

    1. Inspect the roof, gutters and drainpipes
    2. dit your crafting stash (Do you knit? Paint? Organize & replenish for the colder days!)
    3. Move firewood to a covered area

Beach Style Porch by Philadelphia Architects & Designers Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLC

    1. Have your chimneys cleaned
    2. Organize your entryway (Jackets, boots, lots of foot traffic…make space!)

Traditional Entry by Belmont Interior Designers & Decorators Haddad Hakansson LLC

    1. Clean your desk (before things get busy)
    2. Sort the pantry
    3. Deep clean your tub (get soak-ready)
    4. Tidy (and decorate) the porch
    5. Stock up on medicine

Contemporary Bathroom by Berkeley Architects & Designers Abueg Morris Architect

  1. Check lighting (lamps, light strings, make it cozy!)
  2. Refresh your cleaning supplies
  3. Swap out bedding for quilts and cozy blankets
  4. Savor your hard work with a rest!

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