Preventing Moisture Damage



Whether through a humid environment, wet shoes, a roof leak or a spilled drink, moisture damage can ruin a floor. Wood flooring is a big investment, which is why we want to share tips for keeping your floors safe from damage through all seasons.  

NEVER wet mop. Never damp-mop, swab or flood your floor with water or anything else.

Never leave liquid on your floor. Clean spills up as fast as possible with a soft cloth.

Lumber Liquidators does NOT recommend “water brooms,”? “Wet-Jet Swiffers”? or steam cleaners on laminate, cork or hardwood floors. The vapor can ruin wood or the urethane finish, causing cupping or warping. Use at your own risk!

Check your warranty for specific products to use or not to use, to avoid voiding the warranty.

 Place rugs and mats in “high-risk areas”? where you expect spills, such as near the sink and stove. This includes welcome mats where family members and guests can wipe shoes, hopefully eliminating moisture (and dirt) from being tracked throughout the house. 

When using area rugs, use a rug pad with a felt, plant or PVC based backing. Never use a rug with petroleum based rubber backing. (This can cause permanent chemical damage and staining.)

  Moisture damage- Virginia Mill Works Matterhorn Birch handscrapedVirginia Mill Works Matterhorn Birch Handscraped

Moisture damage- virginia mill works engineered obsidian plankVirginia Mill Works Engineered Obsidian Plank

Moisture damage- morning star qing kobra strand bambooMorning Star Qing Kobra Strand Bamboo


If you want something a little different than a rug, we found this great idea on Pinterest! Leave wet shoes at the door without a soggy mat. Find it on our “Affordable at Home“? board. 

  Moisture damage- boots


Keep pet paws clean! Make sure the animals in your house don’t track in grease, oil, water or dirt.

  Moisture damage- catChilton Woods Oak Laminate

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