Replacing the last of my home’s carpet with modern hardwood.


By Farah Merhi Author and Interior Design Influencer

When we first moved into our home, we had carpet everywhere. Even though it was a new build, for some reason carpet was installed in almost every room, even in our master bathroom! Needless to say, with kids and a busy lifestyle, carpet was not going to work for our family. We planned to remove the carpeting and replace it all with engineered hardwood floors. Now, 12 years later, we are down to 3 rooms that still have the old carpet, which are my kids’ bedrooms. All three!

I wanted to wait as long as I could and keep the carpet in until the kids were old enough to avoid damaging the floors. Now that they are at the age where I know they can handle wood floors, it’s time to tackle this project. Not to mention, we just found out that Celine, my oldest has severe allergies from dust. So, this project is perfectly timed! 

I am excited for this project because our carpet has definitely seen better days. And we’ve seen the difference it makes when carpet is replaced with wood floors in other rooms of our home. The room looks bigger and more modern; hardwood floors allow us to do more with the furniture and they’re more durable than carpet. 

For these projects, I partnered with LL Flooring and chose Monterey Bay Hickory Engineered Hardwood Flooring for all three rooms. I fell in love with this flooring because of its light color, and the distressed finish. My main focus is to keep their rooms light and bright! With its neutral gray hues, Monterey Bay Hickory does just that. It also has warm undertones, which means it will make their rooms feel cozy. Flooring color makes a huge difference in the way the room will look aesthetically. If you want light and bright go with lighter shades, if you want dark and dramatic, go with darker colors and balance the dark with light furniture.

Since these are my kids’ rooms, I am involving them in the design process. Each child has a different style they want to achieve in their space. Now that we have established what type of flooring we’ll use, they each get to choose the color palette for their rooms. That will help me establish which wall paint to choose and which bedding to pick out to fit their palette. Then we finish off the look with accessories like decorative pillows, a throw blanket and pieces for their nightstands.

This project will be so much fun! I am ready. Can’t wait to show you the finished look! 

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