Safety Tips When Installing a Floor


I asked our wonderful Tech & Install department to give me some of their top safety tips when installing a floor.    Safety should be one of your main concerns when installing.  No one wants a trip to the Emergency Room for something that could have been avoided.

1.) Make sure you use a mask when cutting the wood.

2.) Always cut outside, it is helpful to have a small fan blowing the dust away from the house.  Not only is this safe for you, it keeps your house a little cleaner too.

3.) Make sure power cords are fully intact.

4.) Use sharp blades when cutting the flooring to prevent wood from binding to the saw (and if you don’t know what type of blade to use, check out our article on choosing a saw blade).

5.)Make sure the saws have protective shields.

6.) Ear plugs should be worn to help with loud noises.

7.) Knee pads should be worn to protect knees on hard floor surfaces.

8.) Eye glasses should be worn.

9.) Gloves can be helpful to prevent splinters.

10.) Extension cords should be moved away from the walking and cutting areas.

11.) Keep fingers away from saw blades.  Avoid cutting small pieces of wood when possible.

12.) When using a skill saw, always cut away from your body.

13.) Make sure saws are cut off when not in use.

14.) Bend knees when picking up boxes of flooring.  Have friends help you move heavier objects.  (no one wants to have back problems)

15.) When ripping out old flooring, use masks, gloves, and glasses.  Keep area clean to avoid stepping on nails. (You never know what you’ll find under there)

16.) Wear steel toed shoes.

Also, before you start a project and have safety concerns, check with our Tech & Install department by contacting them at


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