The Steps to Finding Your Perfect Floor


Thinking about putting hardwood down but don’t know what is best for your room?  There are a lot of things to consider before making a major purchase.  You want to be happy with your purchase and so do we!

First, you probably want to decide what your budget is so you know which products to look at more closely.  If you want to spend $2.00 a square foot but want hardwood, you may not be able to get the unique exotic that you have your heart set on.  Fear not!  There are other great, affordable options like laminate and engineered that may work for your price point.  Consider how many square feet you want to put down and how much you are willing to spend for that area.  If you want to spend $3000 for a 400 square foot room, you will have a lot more options than if you plan on spending less than $1000 for the same space. 


Next you want to consider the area that you are putting the flooring in.  Is it a bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of traffic?  A kitchen where water has a tendency to not stay in the sink?  A playroom for children who practice WWF-style moves?  Different products are good for different applications.  For example, hardwood may not be an ideal choice for a full bathroom that is showered in daily because of the water that ends up on the floor and the humidity that can be absorbed into the flooring, resulting in board edge cupping.  An engineered floor may be better for that area.  Cork is becoming a popular option for kitchens due to the comfort it brings when people are standing for long periods.  If you are concerned about durability, check out the Janka rating (for hardwood durability) or the AC rating (for laminate durability) while you are doing your shopping.

Then comes, perhaps, the most exciting consideration: color!  With a wide variety of hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, and engineered at your disposal, there are many, many options for color from light, bright colors to rich, dark tones.  Whether you want your floor to match an existing floor, to be a showpiece, to compliment furniture, or to give your room “mood flooring”?, there is a floor for you.  Hmm, maybe “mood flooring”? won’t take off the way “mood lighting”? did.  Oh well.

Lumber Liquidators has a wide variety of these products as well as knowledgeable staff that are happy to help you with your flooring decision.  New flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.  Choose the floor that’s best for you and you will enjoy it for years to come!



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