Super Bowl Savvy


The countdown to Super Bowl XLVII has begun! Only two more days until football, food and fun. As you prepare for the big game, here are some things to keep in mind to protect your floors if you’ll be hosting your friends and family.

Use floor mats at each entrance and in front of couches to trap dirt and moisture.

Clear out a closet or space near your front door so guests can hang coats or remove shoes. If the weather is wet, this will also help keep your floors safe!

Make sure there are floor protectors under furniture to prevent scratches.

Invest in some floor cushions if you don’t have enough seating. It’s a comfy alternative to bringing in extra folding chairs that can scratch your floor! (Apartment Therapy)

Floor cushions- apartment therapy

Have plenty of koozies and coasters in case drinks with condensation get set on the floor.

Use a damp cloth to blot spills as soon as they happen.

Get plenty of napkins and towelettes, and try some of these tasty looking not-so-messy snacks we found on Pinterest! They look delicious, plus smaller snacks will keep food off your floor!

Snack- whoopie pie

Egg-shaped muffin tins create football pumpkin whoopie pies!

Snack- dip in cup

Make your own 7-layer dip in individual serving cups! (Less mess)

Snack- cheeseballs

Fried Bocconcini (aka cheeseballs). Bite-sized is better!

Snack- pretzels

Mini pretzels in 30 minutes!

Snack- mini pizza

Pizza is popular…why not a mini deep dish?


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