The 5 Steps to Hardwood: Step 1 – Considering The Investment


We’re sharing the hard truth in five steps to having new hardwood floors!
Step One: Considering the Investment.

You may think the battle between hardwood floors and carpet is all about the look, but there’s much more than meets the eye. If you’re considering trading in your carpet for hardwood or even just switching up the wood you already have, there are a few things to think about! Check out our YouTube video from our customers who love their new floors.

Things to consider:

 1. Carpet can smell, and all the dirt and dust it holds onto may not be visible. One of our customers says it best: “With carpet, you never know what’s in there.”?

2. If dust and dirt can hide from view, what kind of things are you breathing in just by sitting or sleeping in a carpeted room? If you or a family member has trouble with allergies, carpet isn’t helping.

3. Carpets can require extensive cleaning, especially with pets and children. Products like our Bellawood cleaner are simple to use and keep your floors looking like new.

4. Hardwood flooring lasts. Bellawood prefinished hardwood comes with a 100 year warranty! How long could you keep a carpet?

See the difference Bellawood Select Ash made in this kitchen?

Screen shot- bellawood ash

The proof is in the pictures, and we have plenty more on the Before & After section of our website. Plus, if you have questions, you can check out our Flooring 101 guide and find a store near you with our Store Locator!



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