Top Bellawood Makeovers of the Month!


Need some inspiration for your home makeover? Check out these top 3 updates with Bellawood Prefinished Hardwood!

Brazilian Ebony

Bellawood Brazilian Ebony- Joe- MI

“Replaced carpet with wood flooring. Room looks bigger and richer looking. Love the color and shine of the wood.” – Joe, MI

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Red Oak

Bellawood Natural Red Oak- Paul- MA

“Replaced original 25 year old tile with beautiful hardwood. My first flooring job!” – Paul, MA

Bellawood Red Oak

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Patagonian Rosewood

Bellawood Patagonian Rosewood- Rey- NJ

“The Patagonian Rosewood was very easy to install. The room is about 180 sq ft and we purchased 186 sq ft. We had no bad boards, virtually no waste. The new floor is beautiful.” – Rey, NJ

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