Top Customer Makeovers!


The holidays are almost here! If you’re in need of an upgrade before your guests arrive find your inspiration in these customer home makeovers. From 5-star hickory to handscraped bamboo & easy-to-install laminate – here are some of our favorite transformations this month:

Hickory Engineered Hardwood

“We finished the basement and added the Hickory Engineered wood right over our cement floor.” – Natalie, GA

Schon Natural Hickory

Moso Click Strand Bamboo

“We changed all of the flooring in our house. We went from carpet to a Bamboo Strand. The house looks amazing. The floors are beautiful!” – Jeff, ON

Morning Star Moso Strand- Jeff- ON before and after

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Perry Hill Hickory Laminate

“We bought Perry Hill Hickory Laminate to complete the whole upstairs area in our home. 3 bedrooms, stairs and a hallway.” – Agnes, IL

Dream Home NVP Perry Hill Hickory- Agnes- IL before and after

See it in the gallery:

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