Unfinished Hardwood


You can’t customize a carpet, but you CAN put a personal touch on unfinished hardwood! If you want more of a do-it-yourself custom look, unfinished flooring is the beauty of hardwood””untouched! Simply apply your own finish or stain. This enables you to get the exact hardwood look you want. It takes a lot of hard work, but we think it’s worth it.

See all the different looks our customers have created with a blank slate:

Clover Lea New England White Pine

This customer listed attractive finish, beautiful color, durable, easy to clean, and easy to install as pros. What do you think?

New england white pine before and after 1

“Used this for our ceiling after applying a white oil stain”

New england white pine 3

“If you want rustic, this is the product for you. Yes is does scratch easy, and the milling is not the greatest, but that just adds to the beautiful characteristics. I laid the floor myself and just finished the first coat of polyurethane. It looks awesome. My wife laughed at me when I brought it home thinking this was going to be an epic fail (she’s mean). Now all she can do is talk about it to her friends and now I have 4 new flooring projects from them. So to sum it all up great floor and great price. Looks like I will be buying more very soon.”

New england white pine before and after 2

“We chose this pine because we wanted the rustic look with lots of grain and knots. We love it! We also love the wide planks. This is a soft wood, so it it dings easily, but that adds to the rustic look so we don’t mind. We knew that going in. We had someone install it for us so I can’t say how easy or hard it was, all we know is it looks great! Not recommended for stair treads – our installer used a hard wood oak of some kind that was a close match to the pine for the stairs – you can’t tell the difference.”

New england white pine 4

R.L. Colston Red Oak Select

“My husband and I decided to tear out the white carpet in our dining room and replace it with hardwood, so I went to our local store with pictures in hand to try to match the existing hardwood in our house which flanks the dining room on 2 sides. The employees were helpful in determining what type of hardwood I needed and suggested select grade. So I purchased what we needed and began our project. After tearing out the carpet, and renting an air nailer, I began the border, which took me nearly all day to lay. (We had never installed hardwood before, so there was a slight learning curve). We then began to lay the main flooring, which began to feel like we weren’t making any headway because the boards are only 2 1/4 inches wide. Finally after 2 half days of laying floor, we were finished and very proud of our work. There were only a few bowed boards in the 7 bundles that we purchased so we had very little waste. We also noticed that when we began to sand the floor, there were not may rough spots or raised edges. Finally we stained the border dark and the main floor golden oak to try to match the existing floor. We only used one coat of stain with no conditioner and the floor is spectacular! My only regret is not noticing, when I was installing the floor, which boards were going to be darker when stained. We don’t have many dark boards on the existing floor. (I’ll chalk that up to inexperience.) Even with that I still walk by it each morning and am amazed at how beautiful it turned out! Thanks so much!”

Red oak select before and after 1

R.L. Colston Red Oak

Red oak 1

Red oak 4

Red oak 5

“Good product with little waste due to milling defects. Easy to install. Lumber Liquidators staff was very friendly and helpful and the pricing was considerably less than elsewhere. I wouldn’t buy flooring from anyone else.”

Red oak before and after 2

R.L. Colston Maple

“Do some research though on staining maple. Although the boards have light grain and uniform in color, maple will mottle and show flames. We like the color variations, but just be aware of this. Also it is difficult to get the exact color you want. You will be somewhat though dependent on what the maple will give you – so it is important to do sample testing of colors on the boards to see what it will look like. Custom color staining may be best left to do by a professional. Our color is Early American with some red and clear added.”

Maple 1

Maple 2

R.L. Colston Brazilian Walnut

“I used the 5″ and 3″ unfinished Brazilian walnut as an accent around 2″ and 3″ hickory. This wood is very hard and durable. Once urethane was applied the deep chocolate color came out.”

Brazilian walnut before and after

R.L. Colston Select White Oak

“The floor looks great. It was easy to install. We chose the unfinished wood to try and match our existing hardwood as closely as possible. The result is a great looking floor.”

Select white oak before and after

R.L. Colston Utility Oak

Utility oak before and after

Utility oak before and after 2

“…I did the finishing myself and it turned out beautifully. I sanded it myself with a hand sander, stained it with Minwax (Cherry) and finished it off with two coats of poly. Its a one of a kind floor that can’t be matched and I plan to do several more room in the house. I used timber mate putty to fill the open knots then colored them in with the furniture touch-up markers that came in three different tones so now you do not even know there was ever any open knots.”

Utility oak before and after 3

“…I used a tung oil finish, so scratches come out easily with a little tung oil and steel wool. There was quite a bit of waste, so you will need to add 20% to 30% to your order. Also, work out of several bundles at a time to avoid having different sizes dominating sections of the floor.”

Utility oak before and after 4

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