BELLAWOOD Artisan – 1/2″ x 5-1/8″ Gilded Reserve Chestnut Wirebrushed Engineered Flooring- 100 Year Warranty!

Length: 12″ – 84″

More than an engineered hardwood floor, Gilded Reserve Chestnut is a work of art that will grace your home with gold’s undeniable elegance. A rich and warm chestnut base is wirebrushed to reveal luminous hints of metallic, glimmering gold. It invites you to break the rules and embrace a style that is truly your own.

Bellawood Advantages:
– Hardwood veneer is up to 3x’s thicker than standard engineered hardwood flooring
– Backed by a 100-year transferable warranty

Engineered Hardwood Advantages:
– REAL hardwood veneer (3 mm) with a plywood core
– Dimensionally stable and resistant to humidity and moisture changes
– Great for any level of the home, including basements
– Easy installation directly on slab, subfloor, linoleum or tile

With plywood engineered products, hardwood veneer layers are stacked on one another, with the grain of the adjacent layers oriented perpendicular to each other. Because wood expands and contracts in the direction of the grain, one layer stabilizes the next, resulting in a product that is less susceptible to the effects of moisture and temperature change.

Crafted Meticulously. Harvested Responsibly. We understand the importance of healthy forests. That’s why we only buy from suppliers who practice responsible harvesting and carefully manage their cutting with replanting strategies in place. For us, it’s not just about being responsible citizens. It’s about being a responsible business too.