Virginia Mill Works, Handscraped and Homey!


Several people have asked about the Virginia Mill Works line that we offer so I thought that I would do a little section about it.  While this may not have every single teeny tiny detail about the brand, hopefully this information will be a good start.

Colonial American homes, when they had a floor, were built with wood floors that were sawn using basic hand-held tools.  They didn’t have the fancy equipment that we have today to mass produce perfectly straight boards. That same hand-crafted style is what you will find in Virginia Mill Works (VMF for short) floors.  Handscraped floors have a textured surface and no two floors will come out the same.  VMF offers both solid and engineered products so you have more options for where you want to lay your floor, including on cement and below grade (basements, below ground). Plus, all VMF products come with a 30-Year Warranty!

Currently we offer handscraped and distressed products.  Handscraped is what I described above and the floor contours and has a unique texture as opposed to other pre-finished products.  Distressed has less contour, but still has an Old World look and feel to it. Handscraped hardwood has become a very popular choice among homeowners wanting hardwood with the look of an old reclaimed wood floor, but with today’s tough urethane finishes.

Tobacco Road

One product in particular that people have asked about is Tobacco Road Let me tell you, it is beautiful. Usually coming in board lengths of 1 to 3 feet, it creates a very unique, very appealing look.  Tobacco Road uses Acacia wood, which has a Janka rating of 2250, roughly 74% harder than Red Oak.  It really is beautiful and unique and likely to cause jealousy from neighbors and friends!

Many of our customers love VMF because of the Old World elegance it brings.  It can be used in formal dining rooms to log cabins and look great wherever you put it. Some of our customers even love the fact that if the floor gets scratched accidentally, it looks like it belongs there. However, I’m not encouraging you to scratch your floor. You should protect your investment by taking good care of it so it will last years and years.    

Handscraped flooring by Virginia Mill Works is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a more antique or rustic look.  Besides being beautiful, it is unique and will definitely be a showpiece of your home.


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