Weekend Flooring Project: Beautify Your Staircase!


You just finished your new floor and your house looks great! But you forgot one thing…the stairs! Do it yourself and renovate your stairs in a weekend or less! Available in a variety of wood types, retrofit stair treads and risers let you transform your staircase without having to replace it. Treads are designed to be installed on top of the step while risers are placed on the step face, matching the lower stair tread or floor.

This NC customer picked Brazilian Koa treads complemented by white risers:

Donald in CA went for a matching look, with both treads and risers showcasing beautiful Burnished Acacia!

Whether you prefer the contrast of white or want a matching look – retrofit treads and risers simply install over the existing stairs and you’re done! No varnishing or finishing required. Retrofit styles are now available in our most popular laminate, luxury vinyl, and EVP decors, too. That means your flooring flip is even easier!

“We had the opportunity to purchase and remodel a two story townhome that had not been updated since the early 80s. We knew we wanted a clean modern-contemporary look. Made the choice to go with the wide slat gray flooring. We used it throughout the 2000 square feet. We just love it! It is simply beautiful.” – Charles, FL

Find the right treads and risers for you and get started on that summer flooring project today!


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