1. Fritz Hinterberger on

    The first and last time that I use click flooring. This is what no video shows: One must work away from door jamb. It is not possible to slide the last row under the door jamb and click it in place. This is the reason that a t-molding is required for the transition from one room to the next. It is not possible to continue laying past the door frame for the same reason, not being able to slide and click the pieces together past the threshold.

    • Richard Chagnon on

      This information is from the Lumber Liquidators website.

      Removing the Lip or locking system, as needed;
      In areas where it is difficult to angle the planks up into position, such as around/under door moldings or jams, kitchen cabinetry or older type heat registers it may be necessary to remove the lip or locking system from the groove edge of the planks you are fitting to. This is done by lightly scraping or planning off the lip only on the groove side of the plank. This will allow you to install the plank without tilting at a 45. After the lip has been trimmed on the planks you are fitting to, lay the plank flat on the floor. Apply a thin bead of carpenter’s (PVA) wood glue on top of the tongue and the bottom groove of the receiving board, push the planks into position. Immediately wipe off any excess glue with a damp cloth. Blue painters tape can be used to temporarily hold the boards tightly together until the adhesive sets up

  2. Installed LVP first time, really easy using the instructions provided and all you need is a utility knife, straightedge and some flat pliers for most cuts. The flat pliers helps when a small or very thin sliver needed to be removed after scoring with the knife and straightedge.

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