What Do You Need From a Home Office?


Now a days, people seem to have one room in their house devoted specifically to a home office.  But what does that mean?  Is it a room where the computer is or is it where the kids to their homework? Is it a place to do crafts or is it truly a home office because you telecommute Whatever your office’s function is, it doesn’t have to just be a place where you play on the computer or where you work on scrapbooks.  Your office could be made to fit the rest of the decor in your house to be contemporary, modern, or traditional.

Do you need more storage space? Add some woven baskets. Not only do they look good, they’re a great way to hide some of that extra stuff you have lying around. We use baskets on a book shelf and they hold games, sewing supplies, and old CDs. Plus, they match the colors on our couch. Are there a couple of school aged kids in your house? Try a long desk against a wall where two can work simultaneously.  Do you use a rolling chair to get from your desk to your filing cabinet 72 times a day?  Consider putting down a bamboo floor for easy rolling and a zen like atmosphere.

The reason that this thought popped into my head is because I was on HGTV.com this morning looking for ideas to freshen up our office. Some of the ideas were really great.  If it would fit our decor (and budget!) here are a few that I would love to have.

Wood Paneled Walls
High Tech but Cozy
Geometric and Simple
Clean Spaces
Lots of Surface Space <—Plus, I couldn’t resist this one because all I could image was Cherry Butcher Block as the counter!

What would be some of the things you would have in your perfect office?  If I could build a home office from scratch, my wish list would be at least a whole wall covered with bookshelves, enough space for two computer work stations, plus enough room to work on my sewing projects but also storage for the sewing machine and table to be hidden away when I’m not using them.  Hmm, maybe that’s asking a lot.  One can always dream.


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