What’s On Sale ’til November 19?


Did your holiday guests ever compliment your old carpet? NO! And they never will. Why not replace it before it’s too late? Visit the HUGE Flooring Sale going on now through November 19 to upgrade in time for the holidays! What might you find on sale? Check out a few of the floors you could snag for LE$$!


Find 12mm Laminates from $1.99 / sqft!

Dream Home St. James – African Mahogany:

“This floor is absolutely fantastic!! I installed about 180 square feet almost 4 years ago, another 200 square feet about 3 years ago and another 350 square feet last week. The oldest (4 yrs old) still looks amazing. I was concerned that because of the high gloss finish every little scratch would be very noticeable, but that is not the case at all. It has held up perfectly and plan to keep it for many more years.”

Dream Home St James African Mahogany

Dream Home Ispiri – Mill River Walnut:

“This flooring is stunning. Someone posted about it having too much color contrast. I don’t find this to be the case. The look is beautiful. It looks like real hardwood and I’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference if this was in someone else’s house and I saw it for the first time.”

Dream Home Ispiri Mill River Walnut


See a large selection of solid hardwood floors at a LOW price!

Bellawood Select Cumaru:

“We have installed this product throughout our whole first floor, i.e., master bedroom, living room and dining room. Also have it in the lower level. We absolutely love it and have had many positive comments.”

Bellawood Cumaru

Casa de Colour Malaccan Cherry

“This is a replacement floor in my living room in an old house. It looks better than I expected and really brings out other features in the room making the space more elegant looking.”

Casa de Colour Malaccan Cherry


Select Bamboo is on sale, and the deals WON’T LAST – some are this weekend ONLY!

Morning Star Golden Zebra Strand Bamboo

“The contractor said it was the best flooring he had ever put down in the past 6 years. Comments from friends and neighbors are all very positive. Been in place for two months and extremely happy so far.”

Morning Star Golden Zebra

Morning Star Qing Xiamen Strand Bamboo

“Three months after the installation, it still looks beautiful! Due to a dark / red color, dust can be more visible. That’s how it is, but way much easier to clean compared to carpet. No regrets at all and would do it again.”

Morning Star Qing Xiamen 1


ALL Lisbon Cork is ON SALE!

Lisbon Cork Medina

“I first used this product in 2006, to cover a bedroom, a bathroom and the laundry room floors. I loved its beauty, feel and durability so much that, 7 years later, when I renovated the kitchen and den, it was my first choice in flooring. The rest of my house has original hardwood flooring and the two products complement each other beautifully.”

Lisbon Cork Medina

Lisbon Cork Barcelos

“Easy to install for do-it-yourselfers, beautiful once in…”

Lisbon Cork Barcelos


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