What’s Your Style: Top Flooring Trends!


The “What’s Your Flooring Style?” Sweepstakes has come to an end! Did you figure out your style? Here are the TOP trends & favorite looks from Fall Flooring Season!

Wide vs. Thin

You picked WIDE PLANK floors, like 5″ Brazilian Cherry!

September 1-5_this or that_Brazilian Cherry 5

Darker vs. Lighter

DARKER floors were the popular choice! This includes floors like Tuscan Red Birch, Espresso Oak, Chimney Rock Charcoal, Sienna Cherry & Walnut Hickory:

September 6-10_this or that_dark combo

Darker Handscraped vs. Lighter Handscraped

Love the handscraped look? Once again DARKER styles took the lead. That’s Burnished Acacia, Summer Palace Maple, Moso, Harvest Hickory & Warm Springs Chestnut:

September 11-15_this or that_dark combo

Classic vs. Unique Styles

CLASSIC styles – like Red Oak, Butterscotch Oak, Maple, Rolling Falls Oak & Almond Birch – stole the show!

September 16-20_this or that_classic

Simple vs. Bold

Would you rather keep it simple or make a statement with a bold look? You picked SIMPLE styles, like Rustic Gunstock Oak:

September 21-25_this or that_simple

Red vs. Brown

In a battle of shades, BROWN tones took the prize! Do you agree? This includes floors like Peking Antique, Patagonian Rosewood, Chocolate Birch, Sloane Street Teak & Walnut Hickory!

September 26-30_this or that_brown

Grey vs. Brown

BROWN tones were also picked over grey by the majority. Are you a fan of Fleetwood Oak, Heritage Hickory, Walnut Hickory, Antique Click Strand & Aberdeen Garden Oak.

Oct 1-5_this or that_brown

Handscraped vs. Smooth

You picked HANDSCRAPED looks, like Warm Springs Chestnut, Richmond Plank & Anji Strand.

Oct 6-10_this or that_handscraped

Matching Cabinets vs. Contrasting Cabinets

Do you prefer to match your kitchen cabinets to your floor or use contrasting looks? The majority chose CONTRASTING cabinets & floors, like this Heritage Hickory hardwood balanced with white cabinets:

Oct 11-15_this or that_Contrasting Heritage Hickory

White Moldings vs. Matching Moldings

In your dream house, would your moldings match your floor or would you pick white? In the final days of the What’s Your Flooring Style Sweepstakes, you chosen WHITE moldings!

Oct 16-21_this or that_white

Thanks to all who entered! Check back after October 27 to find out who WON the $5,000 flooring makeover!


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