Why Wood? 15 Reasons to Ditch Your Carpet


If you’re considering replacing your tired old carpet with hardwood, but you haven’t quite decided yet, we’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons switching to hardwood is the right choice for you!

Hardwood before and after

  1. Carpets are dust, dirt and mildew collectors. Replacing them with hardwood can help alleviate allergies!
  2. Spills, dirt, crumbs, debris and much more can live in your carpet and never be seen! With hardwood, you can easily see and clean messes. Plus, you can completely wipe up a spill, whereas carpet can absorb and hold onto moisture.
  3. If you feel like you’re cleaning more with wood floors, just imagine all the dirt you didn’t see in your carpet!
  4. Carpeting usually goes out of style, but as those trends come and go the beauty and style of hardwood remains a classic!
  5. That new carpet smell? That’s potentially hazardous synthetic material which can leak chemical fumes for years! They can cause sinus and/or breathing problems.
  6. Tobacco Road Acacia Handscraped before and after

  7. Once a carpet begins to unravel, it usually gets worse…fast!
  8. With enough time, all carpets will matt and become more difficult to care for. Some stains just won’t come out.
  9. Even if you regularly care for a carpet, dirt and dust will sink to the bottom and settle. Shampooing can even cause problems, since the dampness may remain and cause mildew.
  10. Dander, dust, fluff, pet fur, mildew, mold, pollen, dust mites. EW.
  11. Hardwood lasts longer than carpet and can be refinished over and over if the floor needs to be freshened.
  12. Schon Quick Click Red Oak before and after

  13. Wood is a sustainable choice. Trees, bamboo, cork…they can all be replaced! Plus, when you buy from Lumber Liquidators, you can rest assured knowing we practice responsible harvesting. Without a well-planned growth cycle, we’d be out of business! Tree cutting is monitored very carefully within a selective cutting and replanting strategy.
  14. Hardwood won’t hide harmful matter from you.
  15. While they still require proper care, hardwood floors are much more resistant to spills than carpet.
  16. Even if you end up with scratches and dents, most wood floors can be sanded and refinished. Plus, we offer handscraped floors which have a beautiful, rustic texture that hides the wear and tear from families and pets.
  17. Hardwood can seriously increase the value of your home!
  18. Brazilian Teak before and after

    So…why wood you use anything else?


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