Wood Look Tile: 2015 Fall Flooring Trends


This Fall Flooring Season we’re bringing you the latest trends in hardwood, bamboo, laminate & more! Now you can have the elegant look of hardwood in high-moisture areas (like your bathroom) with wood-look tile like these beautiful new styles like,

Reclaim Wood Brown Porcelain

1021- Tile- Reclaim Wood Brown Porcelain

Wood-Look Tile floors are beautiful and versatile. This new and exciting trend combines the beauty of wood and the ease of tile with long-lasting style.

“Porcelain or ceramic tile in a kitchen will withstand the daily rigors of foot traffic, pets, and spills—and today’s tile choices include textures and details that mimic wood, as well as marble and concrete. If you’d like the kitchen to stand out, go with a material other than hardwood in a dramatically different tone. If you prefer a more cohesive look, you might opt for a wood-look tile in a slightly lighter or darker tone to give your spaces subtle distinction.” – Tisha Leung, This Old House Design Editor

Check out these new styles and pick your favorite!

Cottage Wood Ash

People think it is real hardwood flooring! Love this tile.” – Laurie, GA

1021- Tile- Cottage Wood Ash HD Porcelain

Brindle Wood Natural & Brindle Wood Tobacco

1021- Tile- Brindle Wood Natural and Tobacco

Oceanside Oak Gray

1021- Tile- Oceanside Oak Gray Porcelain

See all the newest styles online, right here


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