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Thinking of visiting our FAMOUS APRIL SALE? Be prepared with the answers to all of your frequently asked questions about Lumber Liquidators.

Is there a store near me?

Use the store locator tool to enter your state or zip code. Below, you will see a map and a list of local stores, including hours of operation, store address, store phone number and general directions. 

Do you have installers and/or someone who can measure my floor?

Although we do not have a measuring service or in-house installers, we do make planning your installation easy. In many regions of the country, our stores have access to the installation services of The Home Services Store (HSS), which manages installation. To schedule an installation, call HSS at 1-877-477-1116. To determine whether there is an installer in your area, use our Store Locator. Stores that partner with HSS will have the words “Installation Available”? beside the store name. 

Are there financing options?

Yes! Apply in minutes online. Financing is run through GE.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping to the store nearest you is FREE. Direct shipment to your home is available at an additional charge and your cost will vary based on your location, order quantity and weight of the material. (You will be responsible for off-loading the products from the delivery truck and carrying them into your home.)

What is your policy on returns?

Please review our Shipping & Returns Policy!

Can I get assistance choosing the right floor for me?

Of course! There are many options. Visit your local store, check Flooring 101, find Customer Care resources online, chat online, or contact:

Sales: 800-476-0007
Customer Care: 800-366-4204
Tech & Installation: 800-366-4204

Can I get samples?

Yes, definitely. Samples are a great way to compare choices! Just find the floor you’re interested in on our website ( and click on “Add Sample”?. You can get up to three samples for $10, with each additional sample costing on $1. Shipping is free! After purchase, you’ll receive an email with your Samples Credit equal to the total dollar amount of your samples which is redeemable with any future purchase. (Expedited shipping is not refundable and is not included in the Samples Credit.) 

How should I prepare for my new floor?

Check out these instructions to prepare.

Does LL rent tools?

We have an extensive line of tools to provide one-stop shopping for all your flooring needs, but no tools are offered as rentals. Our prices are so low you may find purchasing a better value compared to rental! Keep this in mind when considering your options. Purchasing will allow you to take your time with installation without trying to meet a rental return deadline.

Do your floors scratch and dent?

The hardness of wood reflects its durability and the ratings are established using the Janka hardness test. This testing represents the resistance of wood to dents or marring. Northern Red Oak is the species all others are compared with and if the number is higher, this denotes a harder wood. These values are set to provide consumers a relative standard as to durability and a workability comparison between species. Therefore, the hardness ratings on a particular species should be viewed as merely a helpful guide for selecting dense products with natural variations to be expected even within a species or when comparing a new floor with an existing floor of the same species.

With the exception of the finish applications, the manufacturing process for preparing hardwood floors are generally the same for most all wood floor manufactures; After harvesting the wood it is kiln-dried to an ideal moisture content of 6-9 %, then the milling of the tongue and groove begins, next the finishes can be applied. Some oily exotic species like Walnut, Teaks and Blood Wood have an additional primer or isolator coat applied before the finish coats. Once the finished flooring leaves our control it is our desire that the flooring provides years of good service and receives the best customer/installer installation and maintenance.

Interestingly, because of cell structure, all wood products can scratch and dent. Scratches and denting of installed flooring is considered “site or installation related”? beyond a manufacture’s ability to control and is therefore not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty. It should be noted that there is no relationship between species hardness and the finish scratching. Although top finishes are scratch resistant, no claim is made of our finishes as being “scratch proof”?. In reality, urethane finishes are applied as a functional safety mechanism designed to take limited surface abuse thereby protecting your investment … the wood underneath.

Does LL participate in sustainable forestry practices?

Lumber Liquidators is committed to responsible business practices as a central operating philosophy of our company. To that end, our lumber sourcing complies with U.S. laws and regulations including the Lacey Act, which prohibits the illegal trade of wildlife, fish, and plants, including lumber.

In addition, we work directly with a select group of vendors and mills with whom we have cultivated long-standing relationships to ensure the legal and environmentally-responsible sourcing and production of our products.  Our suppliers agree to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct with Respect to Environmental and Social Responsibility which requires, among other things, that their operations and the products they supply to us comply with all national and other applicable laws and regulations for the countries in which they operate.

We visit our suppliers’ mills and forests and assess their adherence to our code of conduct and its protocols concerning environmental, labor and health and safety matters.  In the past, we have stopped using certain suppliers because we were not satisfied with the credibility of their responses to detailed questions about compliance issues and we regularly decline to pursue business with potential new suppliers that cannot provide evidence of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
All of our Brazilian suppliers are members of the government-sanctioned Sisflora system which tracks harvesting plans and timber sources for the timber industry in Brazil.

Now that you’re prepared, we’ll see you at the 10th Annual April Sale! Once-a-year deals only last until Monday 4/22!


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