See the organizations Lumber Liquidators partnered with through the Lay It Forward program in August 2015!

Located in Roslyn Heights, NY, Pine Crest Farm Camp provides a warm, caring environment for children with cancer and their parents. Here these children can participate in sporting and social activities in a safe, stress-free environment. In addition, they are able to interact with other families facing similar life-changing situations. This retreat received hardwood flooring for a project in August.

Annie Ruth Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, FL launched in 2012. The purpose is to strengthen underserved communities through educational programs and resources in an effort to educate, enrich and empower youth, parents and senior citizens. The group received a laminate donation for a flooring project.

Located in Forest, VA, Providence Farm is dedicated to veterans and active duty military members suffering from combat trauma. The farm serves as a short term residential space for these service members and their families. The group eceived vinyl wood plank as part of a donation in August.

In addition, BETA Center received a monetary donation. The mission of this organization is to give children and parents the knowledge and support needed for strong and healthy families, with a focus on teen moms and at-risk families. BETA Center, located in Orlando, FL, promotes positive parent/child interaction and helps families grow together.

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